Looking for something to do this summer in Decatur County? Take a trip to Westport! Today we went to Westport, a small town in southwest Decatur County. It may be small, but Westport has a big community and a rich history. It was founded on March 23, 1836, only 14 years after Decatur County was founded. However, Westport was not recognized as more of a residential community as much as it was a business community until 1984. 


Our first stop in Westport had to be the covered bridge. The bridge spans 115 feet to cross Sand Creek. For over 130 years, the bridge has withheld lots of travel including walkers, buggies, wagons, tractors, and cars. This bridge is different from other bridges in the county because it was the only one to be constructed here and one of only eleven remaining Kennedy bridges. The bridge is a great photo op, as it is often seen in the background of wedding party, prom, and senior pictures. The bridge is a wonder to look at in its simplicity, but on the first weekend of every month you can expect to see it illuminated inside and out. From everyday travel, to a piece of Decatur County history, the Westport Covered Bridge is definitely something you need to see.  


Westport Covered Bridge sign


Next, we went to Paco’s Mexican Restaurant, which just recently opened in 2022. The small restaurant gives you a hometown feel, and most importantly, the food is great! The staff was extremely friendly, fast, and hard-working. Then, we headed to Dairy Queen, a long time Decatur County favorite. Located on State Road 3, this treat-only Dairy Queen is special because you can order outside or in the drive through. Perfect for families and friends, you can enjoy a sweet treat outside on the picnic tables or take it home. 


Westport Dairy Queen


Our final stop was the Community Building, which also serves as a branch of the Greensburg-Decatur County Library, and the Kiwanis park. It’s very convenient that all three of these locations are together. At the Community Building, you can rent rooms for parties or get-togethers. The park features a baseball/softball field, tennis court, basketball court, playground equipment, shelter house, and restrooms. This area has everything you need for a large or small event or just a day at the park!


Westport Community Center


For more information about Westport, its history, and more, visit the website: https://townofwestportindiana.com/ 

Westport logo