Cheese Please.

While everyone knows that the humble pizza is an essential staple of the American diet, we also know how transformative that perfect steaming slice of pie can be. And when crafted with love, our favorite foods can evoke powerful imagery like a warm hug in a single bite. 

Locally owned and operated Pizza King has been doing just that since 1975 with a promise to deliver delicious and remarkable food. Can’t ever seem to get enough toppings? Order a supreme pizza oozing over with peppers, onions, meats, and the works. Too messy? No problem, just get extra cheese to seal all of the goodness in.

Looking for East Coast influences? We have you covered. While offering exceptional pizza, Mancinos Pizza and Grinders can fill your appetite with Italian sandwich options dating back to WWII. Don’t forget to grab a drink on tap, preferably one brewed right here in Indiana.