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Power of the Past

The third weekend in August has developed into one of the most anticipated and best attended events... Read More

A Day in Greensburg, Indiana

There are many things to do in Greensburg before the summer ends! Whether you are stopping for a... Read More

A Day in Saint Paul, Indiana

One of the many things you can do in Decatur County this summer is visit some of the smaller... Read More

A Day in Millhousen, Indiana

Looking to visit some of the smaller communities within Decatur County? Take a visit to Millhousen,... Read More

A Day in New Point, Indiana

Today we visited the small town of New Point, which is a part of Salt Creek Township. Located right... Read More

A Day in Westport, Indiana

Looking for something to do this summer in Decatur County? Take a trip to Westport! Today we went to... Read More

2021 Annual Report

We exist to make Decatur County a destination you’ll want to visit more than once. Decatur... Read More

[Video] Behind-the-Scenes with Greensburg, Indiana's "Hometown" Muralist Nicole Ponsler + Interview

A note from Nicole Ponsler via Facebook: "Special thanks to Daniel Fayette for creating this... Read More

Visit Greensburg Annual Report 2020

What more can be said about one of the most difficult years in our nation's history. Covid-19... Read More