In mid-January, Decatur County Visitors Commission, Decatur County Community Foundation, Main Street Greensburg, Greensburg/Decatur County EDC, Greensburg Decatur County Chamber of Commerce, and The City of Greensburg, IN, came together for our first planning meeting to apply for the Home Town Takeover contest, announced January 7.

In our initial creative meetings, we knew we had to come up with something unique. The producers at HGTV are going to be looking at tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of videos. We had to stand out, and we had to stand out quickly at the beginning of our submission. It was our feeling the producers most likely are not going to watch much more than a minute or two of each video, so we needed to say all we wanted to say in less than two minutes.

After much brainstorming and taking stock of our assets, we noticed a striking resemblance of two of our group members. Philip Deiwert and Susan Burkhart looked remarkably similar to the stars of Home Town, Ben and Erin. And that’s when the idea began to take shape.

Why don’t we just go ahead and create the season trailer for the producers? We knew we could showcase what makes our town notable, as well as our beautiful architecture, homes, and downtown businesses that could benefit from a little extra love.

With a quickly approaching deadline, we finished a script, had another quick meeting to get everyone on board, and completed 2 days of shooting video at a number of locations around Greensburg. Once all the video was captured, it took a few days to edit it all together to make a compelling and cohesive final version.

We hope you enjoy it! We certainly had fun producing it!

The video was shot and put together by local videographer Daniel Fayette, a writer at