Welcome to the Decatur County fried chicken trail! Southern Indiana is the place to go for traditional, delicious fried chicken, and Decatur County is where it’s at. The Indiana Foodways Alliance has curated a list of 33 incredible fried chicken establishments throughout the state of Indiana, including some of our favorites in Decatur County. Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner Trail

Listen to our podcast, Beyond the Tower Tree, Episode 3: The Fried Chicken Trail, for more information about this special, regional delicacy. 

Stone’s Family Restaurant

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Stone’s Family Restaurant is a favorite of many in Decatur County and surrounding areas. Located in Millhousen, this traditional fried chicken joint has been serving families and visitors since 1934. At first, they began by pan-frying the chicken, but now they deep fry it to keep up with the high demand. They have lots of sides options, as well as a fully stocked buffet, and don’t forget to get a piece of homemade pie after!

St. Paul Tavern

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St. Paul Tavern is a family-friendly bar and restaurant that offers Signature Fried Chicken. It is crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and seasoned to perfection. Add in the small-town, comforting atmosphere and you see why it’s a community favorite, known for its friendly service and consistent quality.

Fry’s A&W


This old school drive-in restaurant has been serving up everyone’s favorite chicken since the 70s. You’ve most likely heard of this popular American fast food restaurant chain, but the location in Greensburg offers a little more… classic southeast Indiana fried chicken! 

A&W’s fried chicken is seasoned with lots of pepper, which is comforting and delicious. Driving into A&W feels like a trip back in time, where you pull in, roll down your window, and the server takes your order and brings the food right to your car. Their iconic Root Beer is made fresh in-house, and served in a frosty mug to complete your dining experience!

Storie’s Restaurant


Storie’s is a well-known Greensburg destination, so it’s only fitting that it offers fried chicken on the menu. On Thursdays, you can order fried chicken, an Indiana delicacy, right on the downtown square. Storie’s is famous for its homemade pies that pair perfectly with their crispy chicken that is cooked just right.


Chicken Dinner Fundraisers

Be on the lookout for special fried chicken fundraisers in our area. Coming up is the New Point Volunteer Fire Department’s Annual Picnic Fundraiser Chicken Dinner on July 26th from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Head over to 1895 South County Road 822 East for a fried chicken dinner that supports one of our local fire stations!